Aspiring novelists often ask me for help in choosing between the Novel Writing Master Class Series and Novel in Nine. This post will help you decide which is the best course to fit your writing goals.

  • Both Novel in 9 and the Novel Writing Master Class Series include lessons on the fundamental elements of narrative craft: dialogue, point of view, characterization, plot, structure, and style.
  • The biggest difference is that you work through the Novel Writing Master Class Series at your own pace, while Novel in 9 provides you with an email, lesson, and assignment every week on schedule for nine months.
  • In the Series, you can browse the lessons and watch them in any order you choose, although I recommend you watch them in order. In Novel in 9, you receive new lessons every week in a progressive way to help you build your novel..
  • Novel in Nine also includes monthly word count check-ins for an extra layer of accountability and motivation.
  • Both courses include lessons that are not available in the other course.

If you have any questions, just hit the contact button. I'll be happy to help you find the right course for your needs.

Start writing your novel today in Novel in Nine.

Learn your craft in the Novel Writing Master Class Series.