So you want to write a novel, but you don’t know how to get started. Or maybe you’ve tried writing a novel in the past and haven’t finished. In Novel in Nine, you will write a complete draft of a novel in eight months and devote the ninth month to revision.

Instead of a burst of activity followed by months of stalemate, you’ll take the slow and steady approach. At the end of nine months, you will have a solid novel of 80,000 words.

Enrollment deadline: Jan. 3, 2019. Class size limited

What you’ll be doing:

Each week from January through August, you will receive an assignment to help you write a specific scene or chapter. You will write 2,500 words per week, which you can break up in any way you wish.

  • Write about 360 words every day
  • Write about 1,250 words, two days per week
  • Write 2,500 words, one day per week

I encourage you to find the writing rhythm that works best for you.

Month nine will be dedicated to revision. Instead of writing new material, you’ll approach what you’ve written with an objective eye, revising for plot, character development, point of view consistency, and more.

Throughout the course, you will have access to active discussion forums, videos, and craft guides.

Monthly webinars: At the beginning of each month, join us for a live webinar, in which we’ll discuss process, craft, and student progress. You can submit your questions for the webinar beforehand, or you can ask them in the chat during the webinar.

Videos: Short videos throughout the course will offer encouragement and practical advice.

End-of-month check-ins: I’ll be checking in with you by email at the end of each month to see how many words you’ve written. Why? When it comes to writing your novel, accountability is key!

Dates: Novel in Nine begins on January 1, 2019. If you miss a couple of weeks every now and then, no worries! The material will be available for you to catch up when you return.

Make your time count in 2019.

How much time have you spent thinking about writing a novel? Your time is valuable, and your goal of writing a novel is achievable. Novel in Nine provides you with the tools, incentive, accountability, and community you need to complete your novel in exactly nine months.

You want to arrive at the end of the decade with a completed novel. This course will help you get there!

Join us for Novel in Nine.