In this intensive 8-week course, learn the secrets of crafting a compelling novel plot. We'll forego the usual outline and instead focus on diving deep into character and situation, discovering your plot as you go. Here are a few of the things you'll learn:

  • How to use a story chart to flesh out scenes and find missing pieces
  • How to effectively juggle primary plot and subplot
  • How to create suspense and keep readers turning pages
  • How to structure a chapter
  • How to pattern and pace your novel

Course Structure: Each week, you'll receive new video and written lectures, assignments focusing on the big picture and scene work, and a discussion forum.

Goals and Outcomes: You will leave this class with a clear understanding of various methods of plot development, as well as a map for completing your book.

Ready to nail down your novel's plot and get serious about your story? ENROLL in PLOTTING THE NOVEL.