25 Quick Writing Prompts

Here are a few exercises you can try to get the words flowing on any given day. Don't think, "I'm writing a novel." Just pick a prompt and start writing. It doesn't have to have anything at all to do with your novel. The sole purpose of these prompts is to help kickstart your writing day.

  1. Write about falling.
  2. Write about the last person you fought with.
  3. Write about flying.
  4. Write about the last person you drank/swam/cuddled/made out with.
  5. Write about a work of art.
  6. Write about the last thing you lost.
  7. Write about the last thing you found.
  8. Write about a place that is very hot.
  9. Write about a place that is very cold.
  10. Write about your father.
  11. Write about your mother.
  12. Write about a family ritual from you childhood.
  13. Write about snow.
  14. Write about somewhere you've never been and want to go.
  15. Write about somewhere you never want to return to.
  16. What's the title of your favorite song? Write the song title at the top of the page. Then write from there.
  17. Write about the best food you ever ate.
  18. Write about the worst illness you ever experienced.
  19. Write about traffic.
  20. Write about the sea.

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks however you like, and then just keep writing...

  1. In the summer of ___, I was too old to ___ and to young to ___.
  2. In the winter of ___, I found myself ___.
  3. That was the year we all __.
  4. They never expected to __, but then they never knew__.
  5. Nothing prepared her for the moment when...